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2020 Equity Audit

by Sewn Staff

We are proud to share the results of our first equity audit. At the conclusion of our first year of operations, members of Sewn's staff and board worked to conduct an internal audit of the organization's inclusion of and investment in women, people of color, and  members of the LGBTQ+ community within the organization. As a part of this effort, we sent a brief survey to all members of the board, staff, and contracted personnel (artists, designers, etc.). We then compiled and evaluated the results. Recognizing that there are several areas for improvement, we identified three priorities for 2021: improve the racial/ethnic diversity of the staff, improve the inclusion of members of the LGBTQ+ community across all levels of the organization, and establish Hispanic/Latino representation on the Board of Directors. Along with these priorities, Sewn will continue to work towards ensuring its programs and services are reaching individuals and communities that have historically lacked acces to the types of art & health programs that Sewn offers.

You can view the summary report of the 2020 Equity Audit here.

Sewn Arts & Accountability

by Ahmariah Jackson Board of Directors, Chair & Chris Appleton‍, CEO

Sewn’s commitment to health and wellness cannot be realized without commitment to and transparency about racial and gender equity within our organizational practices. It is not enough for Sewn to alone consider equity in external matters but instead we must operate with congruence by aligning our values and behaviors internally as well. In order to remain accountable to the public, Sewn will undergo an annual racial and gender equity audit analyzing the role of BIPOC individuals and women within the organization, including within the board of directors, the staff, and contracted personnel. The results of this audit will be made available to the public on Sewn’s website at and ethically, the Sewn Board of Directors is responsible for the organization’s operations and for being accountable to the breadth of stakeholders of the organization. Sewn’s internal culture, Human Resources, financial practices, and program efficacy are all within the authority of the Board of Directors – and we are steadfast in our commitment to transparency about both our successes and shortcomings. We are honored to pursue Sewn’s mission of improving public well-being through integration of arts & culture into civic life alongside our partners, staff, funders, and artists.